10 января 2015

Вот такие люди двигали разработки в Дубне
Bruno Pontecorvo (1913–1993) was a member, in the years 1933–1936, of the
group of young researchers associated with Enrico Fermi, the so-called “ragazzi di
via Panisperna”, collaborating to the classic investigations of the properties of slow
neutrons. He then moved to Paris working at the Radium Institute with F. JoliotCurie, obtaining notable results in the nuclear physics field, and then (1940) to the
USA where he developed a technology and an instrument for well logging, based
on the properties of neutrons, still used in petroleum researches [76]. In 1943, in
Canada, he participated to the realization of the nuclear reactor of Chalk River. In
1948, he assumed one of the technical directions of the British atomic laboratory at
Harwell. Under mysterious circumstances, he moved to USSR in 1950 to lead one of
the groups at the Nuclear Institute of Dubna (Moscow). A member of the Academy
of Sciences of the URSS, he was awarded the Lenin prize in 1963.