16 февраля 2015

Читаю прекрасную книгу Bill Gaede "Why God doesn't exist":

A theory that cannot be traced to a physical object is irrational and is known as a religion.

Relativity and quantum had evolved to the point where ‘Physics’ had by far surpassed the Bible in terms of irrational explanations.

We should follow the rule that if you cannot define it, you can’t use it.

In Physics, there is no such notion as rectilinear motion. No object may travel ‘straight’ in our beloved Universe.

The ordered pair is not a definition of a point, position, or location, but a set of coded instructions, a recipe for how to find something

The Vikings already knew that they would have to rush the castle door if they wanted to break it down.

The mathematicians have never defined the word energy and not one relativist can tell you what energy is. Until they do, the prosecutors should not be allowed to use this enigmatic word during a scientific presentation

Measurement is always subjective. Counting is always objective.

Many of the notions that we have developed about the velocity of light are the result of measuring 
angles and not speed

A particle carries a force? What weeds do the mathematicians smoke?

What physical mechanism accelerates a photon from 200,000 km/sec to 300,000 km/sec when it crosses from water to air

 The term ‘instantaneous movement’ is an oxymoron that only the idiots of Mathematics ponder 

and test.

 It is that instantaneous motion is a logical contradiction

I can’t even imagine a government, a business, or a Mafia run by theoretical physicists.